Find a Long-Distance Tow Truck in San Antonio, TX

Find a Long-Distance Tow Truck in San Antonio, TX

Rattler Towing can travel anywhere in Texas

Your car broke down on a trip to San Antonio, but your long-time mechanic is in Houston. Don’t worry – Rattler Towing, LLC, based in San Antonio, TX, offers long-distance towing services. We can travel all over Texas to get your car to the right auto repair shop. Our tow trucks can take cars of any size, including heavy-duty trucks and foreign vehicles.

Get in touch with us today to use our long-distance tow truck to transport your car.

Why trust us with your vehicle?

We bring 10 years of experience to every job. You can trust us to use the proper equipment and safety measures to transport your vehicle. Your vehicle will get to the auto repair shop of your choice in a timely manner. Reach out to us right away to work with a reputable towing service based in San Antonio, TX.